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Tell Historic England why the Rec is important to you and your community. Historic England is currently considering the application of DOCOMOMO, an international architecture organisation, to list the Rec in recognition of its architectural, social and community significance.

The Council has only guaranteed the Rec's life until 2022, after which its future is

Listing will:

* Help protect the good features of the building like the pool, the atrium and sports hall

* Ensure any major changes have to be more carefully managed

* Oblige the Council to consult fully and justify proposed significant changes

The direct personal support of users and the wider community are significant in Historic England's decision

Please email, quote case No. 1434761
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A small selection of comments to date:

The unique architecture of the Rec makes it so grand and enjoyable to come to it. This building is a true gift to Brixton... Never will the equivalent be replicated. BG

The recreation centre is far far more than a is the past, the present and future of what we want both London and Brixton to become. It's is a beacon of hope for human interaction. JY

To enable the people of Brixton to go each day into such a wonderful building with its spacious and unifying atrium is so appropriate for many people who of necessity live in cramped spaces is
wonderful and must not be destroyed... VB

(Afewee) and the building have been essential to the integration of children from deprived backgrounds and avoid a repeat in the riots, taking children off the streets from the gang-life. GL

Brixton Rec is a integral part of the Brixton community. It is an example of classy functional architecture that offers a broad range of spaces for the 'ordinary people' in a society that should value that. LR

A place for the community to have fun in doing a whole heap of different things, catering for both young, older and all ages in between. A ‘Feel Good Factor'

A building that looked good, a modern piece of architecture,...something for Brixton to boast about, to show off, to prove Brixton was on the up. 414 Club

Read Docomomo's application here.
BRUG has submitted a statement strongly supporting the listing of the Rec. Read here.  
Pics by Simon Kennedy
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