Thursday, 26 May 2016

BRUG May News Letter 2016


The international architectural organisation, DOCOMOMO, has applied for the Rec to be listed in recognition of its architectural, social and community significance.
BRUG is has been consulted by Docomomo and the BRUG Committee supports this application.
We believe listing of the Rec will protect its unique architectural features (like the pool, the atrium and sports hall) as well as the huge range of recreational facilities for the future.
A listing would celebrate and recognise the vital role the Rec has played in the cultural and social life of Brixton residents, through a history of turbulent change.
Listing would ensure that any major changes proposed by the Council are more carefully managed, and would have to be explained and justified publicly.
The council have committed to keeping the Rec operational until at least 2022. BRUG wants to know what their plans for the Rec are after 2022.

Tell Historic England (the body that recommends listing) why the Rec is important to you.
Email, with the reference 1434761
copy to
Read Docomomo's application here.
BRUG has submitted a statement strongly supporting the listing of the Rec. Read here. 

New Brixton Rec Forum

BRUG & GLL Rec User Forum held its first meeting in April.
The Purpose of the Forum is to take a positive strategic view of the activities, services, and facilities in the Rec.
The Forum represents the many different types of Rec Users: gym, swimming, racket sports, bowls, exercise classes, over 55s club, community clubs, as well as BRUG and GLL.
12-15 people will attend regularly, with others invited on particular issues. It will meet quarterly.
Darren Pope, Rec General Manager, Geordie Logan, Rec Operations Manager, and Sue Robinson Community Sports Officer attend for GLL and pursue Forum proposals.
Main topics for the next 3 meetings:
Areas for social interaction, e.g.
A cafe
Customer service/ customer feedback and communication strategies.
Bowls- how to increase participation
Read more at here.

Council reinstates consultation with BRUG

Cllr Jack Hopkins, the new Executive Member for Leisure & Regeneration, has reinstated the regular Rec consultation meetings with BRUG. This follows a positive meeting between him and David Duncan, BRUG Chairperson.
The focus of the first meeting in July will be how the rest of the £6m money to make the Rec fit until 2022. The first expenditure was on the new boilers.

Studios 1 & 2 are to be refurbished

A new false ceiling will be put into studio 2 next to the bowling green. The studios brickwork will be covered by dry lining. Some aspects of lighting and ventilation are in need of attention. 

Objections raised to this: 

The red brickwork and the wooden floors are both functional, attractive and in good condition.
They are important in the overall design of the Rec.

Users think changes should be in level 1 studio only which is hot & noisy. Users want a decent silent air con unit. (From Users Survay)

We would ask that GLL respect the architectural integrity of the studio spaces
Please let us know what you think ASAP so we can pass on to GLL.
Pics by Simon Kennedy
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