Monday, 27 April 2015

BRUG supporting the "Save Brixton Arches" campaign

BRUG supporting the "Save Brixton Arches" campaign. 25th April 2015

 Photograph Caroline Christian

 Photograph Emma Calder Banner Coco Cripps
Stellas, one of the shops that is threatened with eviction by Network Rail Photograph Emma Calder
This video was just posted on the Brixton Buzz web-site. Here's what they say about it:

"The 10 minute video posted by Latin Brixton explores the issues of the day, interviews traders and locals affected by the changes and reflects on an event that was – for the vast majority of people – totally peaceful and, importantly, fun."

Video from a short series of art films/promos, by CSM Art Foundation Student Coco Cripps, Bringing awareness of the proposed wholesale and insensitive redevelopment of Brixton.
This films shows the positive energy of Saturday 25th April 2015 in Brixton.

The song that Coco used for part of the Soundtrack, was being sung as we marched around. It is a Japanese nursery rhyme called Furusato which means hometown. Underneath Coco has looped elements from the Samba band that was playing on the day.


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