Monday, 8 April 2013

Our BRUG Survey is going well

The Brixton Recreation Centre User Group has been collecting views on The Brixton Rec to help us improve the facilities for everyone. 

Here are the results of our survey Brug Survey 2013

We have been sitting inside the rec and getting adults and children to fill in our survey. We have had an amazing response. It seems people really love the place.

Some of the children have also drawn us lovely pictures of the things they like doing best.

If you want to fill in our survey, someone should be around at the following times:
Week starting April 8th. Mon: 6-8pm, Tues: 2-4pm, Wed. 6-8pm, Thurs. 4-6pm.
Or you can fill the survey out online at if you haven't already filled out the hard copy one.
We'd really appreciate if everyone could take just a few minutes to fill out the short survey.
Many thanks!


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